A marvellous journey of Discovery


Sicily Discovery, Cookery and Foodie MasterExperiences

11 Days / 10 nights  || 8 Days / 7 Nights


Palermo - Agrigento Temples - Corleone - Ragusa - Noto - Modica - Taormina

Mediterranean Fishing & Cooking 

Etna & Stromboli Volcanoes & Aeolian Islands by HELICOPTER


Italia Speciale proposes two unique and exclusive itineraries in Sicily that will make your Experience a very special adventure.


Incredible 11-day or 8-day itineraries through the Sicily that introduces millennia of captivating history and architecture from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, from the Romans to the Normans and Arabs, all beautifully combined with a discovery of its breathtaking landscape and our exclusive foodie, cookery, fishing, sports-car and wine MasterExperiences with the most gracious Italia Speciale Hosts!


From the vibrant atmosphere of Palermo to the stunning Temples of Agrigento, from the Navel of Sicily, to the powerful architectural beauty of Sicily's Baroque towns of Ragusa, Noto and the Ortigia Island, from the pristine coastline to the eternal elegance of Taormina, from the medieval cobblestone alleys of Cefalù to the craters of Mt Etna, Stromboli Volcano and the Aeolian Islands admired from above by Helicopter, Sicily by Italia Speciale will be quite the experience! 


Highly customizable upon request for groups of Family and Friends.


from €3950 - all included



11 Days / 10 Nights Full Itinerary & Details HERE


8 Days / 7 Nights Full Itinerary & Details HERE




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11 Days Sicily Discovery & Experience by ItaliaSpeciale 2022
An amazing Experience in 2022!
11 Days Sicily Discovery Experience by [...]
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8 Days Sicily Discovery & Experience by ItaliaSpeciale - 2022
8 Days Sicily Discovery Experience by I[...]
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Taormina & Mount Etna Volcano

Temples in Segesta & Agrigento



Experience the vibe of Palermo & Ortigia


Breathtaking Baroque Sicily

Maserati Gran Cabrio (4 Seater)

Helicopter Airbus AS355 Luxury

Fishing Day in Sicily

Fish & Cook Onboard

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