Abruzzo Cookery & Foodie Holidays



Abruzzo is quite simply authentic Italy at its finest!


Our Abruzzo Cookery & Foodie Holidays are truly unique and feature the most amazing highlights at all our carefully selected venues that are run by fabulous hosts and great, passionate chefs!


Choose among our 4 ALL INCLUSIVE proposals to experience that true passion for cooking and genuine food Abruzzo stands for within the most beautiful and stunning territory of Italy! 



Master the Art of Cooking

in Abruzzo with Abruzzo1.com!




4 days / 3 nights

The ideal short break or add-on to any Italian or European Tour!

Group size: min 4 - max 14

Active all-year-round

Starts every Monday

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5 days / 4 nights

A lovely experience throughout Abruzzo with unique highlights!

Group size: min 4 - max 14

Active all-year-round

Starts every Tuesday

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6 days / 5 nights

The perfect combination of highlights and unique culinary experiences!

Group size: min 5 - max 8

Active all-year-round


Dates & Details




7 days / 6 nights

Italia Speciale's Masterpiece Italian culinary & foodie holiday in Abruzzo!

Group size: min 4 - max 8

Active all-year-round

Thursday - Wednesday

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