Italy at its Most Authentic & Finest

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Welcome to Italy's best kept gem!

One of the most authentic experiences in Italy with Italia Speciale's wonderful group of hosts, venues and unique highlights!


Rome & Abruzzo


The Eternal City Meets Abruzzo

An amazing 10-day Discovery, Foodie & Culinary MasterExperience that beautifully combines Rome and Abruzzo 


Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi


Tailored & Speciale

A 5-day discovery of the true Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast with Italia Speciale's tailored and unique proposal!




Classic & Speciale

Italia Speciale and its partners offer a very special and personal 7-day Taste of Tuscany with unique visits and experiences!





Exclusive & Amazing

Italia Speciale offers 3 unique

proposals (8 Days & 10 Days) in Sicily on an amazing insightful experience of discovery and foodie!

Western Sicily (8 days)

Eastern Sicily (8 days)

Sicily West & East (10 days)


Italy GrandMaster


Siena - Florence - Bologna - Ravenna

Ferrara - Mantova - Verona - Venice

Italia Speciale's 9-day Masterpiece Experience 

Discovery, Cultural, Foodie & Cookery!


Bologna & Verona Romance


Bologna - Ravenna -  Ferrara Mantova - Verona - Palladian Villas - Venice

Italia Speciale's 9-day Masterpiece Experience through Northern Italy's elegant capitals.

Discovery, Cultural, Foodie & Cookery!

Bergamo & Val Brembana


Surprising & Authentic

A 7-day Northern Italy discovery in all its glorious and unexpected beauty through its medieval towns and majestic valleys!  



The Ultimate Italian Experience


Ferrari & Lamborghini

The most authentic Italian dream experiences in

Abruzzo || Tuscany || Sicily Bologna & Maranello

on Italy's finest experiences 



Northern Italy & Lakes & Palladian Villas


Elegant & Refined

A 10-day discovery of the most elegant and refined Italy in all its natural beauty with Lake Como & Lake Garda and breathtaking cultural and architectural history




True Northern Italy

An 8-day journey through the finest destinations of Northern Italy in all their cultural beauty and immense flavours & colours






Cinque Terre - Lake Como Lecco w/ Hiking


Picturesque & Active

An 8-day hiking journey through the picturesque Cinque Terre villages and enjoying the elegant natural beauty of the Lakes in Northern Italy



An exclusive experience in one of Italy's most captivating destinations.

Choose between a 7-day Private Villa & Yacht or a 7-day Private Yacht Discovery Cruise along the coastline of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo and Corsica and a 10-day Discovery Adventure through Sardinia option for a truly special Experience


Highly Customized

Available Exclusively On Request

2024 & 2025


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