Italy at its Most Authentic & Finest

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Welcome to Italy's best kept gem!

One of the most authentic experiences in Italy with Italia Speciale's wonderful group of hosts, venues and unique highlights!


Rome & Abruzzo

The Eternal City Meets Abruzzo

An amazing 10-day Discovery, Foodie & Culinary MasterExperience that beautifully combines Rome and Abruzzo 


Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi

Tailored & Speciale

A 5-day discovery of the true Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast with Italia Speciale's tailored and unique proposal!



Classic & Speciale

Italia Speciale and its partners offer a very special and personal 7-day Taste of Tuscany with unique visits and experiences!




Exclusive & Amazing

Italia Speciale offers a unique 11-day or 8-day proposals in Sicily on an amazing insightful experience of discovery and foodie!


Italy GrandMaster

Siena - Florence - Bologna - Ravenna

Ferrara - Mantova - Verona - Venice

Italia Speciale's 9-day Masterpiece Experience 

Discovery, Cultural, Foodie & Cookery!


Bologna & Verona Romance

Bologna - Ravenna -  Ferrara - Mantova Verona - Venice

Italia Speciale's 9-day Masterpiece Experience through Northern Italy's elegant capitals.

Discovery, Cultural, Foodie & Cookery!

Bergamo & Val Brembana

Surprising & Authentic

A 7-day Northern Italy discovery in all its glorious and unexpected beauty through its medieval towns and majestic valleys!  



The Ultimate Italian Experience

Ferrari & Lamborghini

The most authentic Italian dream experiences in Abruzzo || Tuscany || Bologna & Maranello

on Italy's finest experiences 



Northern Italy & Lake Como

Elegant & Refined

A 10-day discovery of the most elegant and refined areas of Italy in all their natural beauty and breathtaking cultural and architectural history



True Northern Italy

An 8-day journey through the finest destinations of Northern Italy in all their cultural beauty and immense flavours & colours




Southern Italy & Mediterranean Flavour

Coming Soon

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